About the Sticker Club

Our 4 year old got a "sticker club" letter in the mail from a preschool classmate. Looking into it some more, we discovered that sticker club chain letters have been around forever, and we thought it could use a bit of an update.

Using some technology, it should be possible to track how far your letters spread around the world while still keeping you and your friends anonymous. We used the opportunity to engage our son about how much impact a simple action (such as sending six letters) can potentially have. We taught him about addresses and mail, helped him write his friends' names, and introduced him to maps of where people live.

How it works

In a nutshell, the sticker club is a chain letter for kids to send little packs of stickers to their friends.

  1. Print out a letter, write your name and address on it, leaving a blank spot for your friends' name.

  2. Send the letter to 6 friends.

  3. Whoever receives the letter sends a single pack of stickers to the first name on the list, then bumps that name off the list, moves name #2 up, and writes their name in spot #2.

  4. They then mail the letter to six of their friends.

We enhanced this with some cool web-based technology:

  • We created a site where you can track the spread of your sticker club friends

  • We created smart letters with a scannable code and a web address for your friends to quickly get to this site

  • Your friends can see who else has already checked into the club, so that the same people don't receive letters more than once.

Common Questions

1. Should I be worried about sharing my children's information on this website?

This site was made by two parents with children of their own, not someone who wants to collect your personal information. We very much understand and respect the anonymity of our children. We made the site in such a way so only the minimum information is required, and we stress that only non-identifiyable information should be entered by you. We recommend first names only, city (or nearby city) locations, and we don't capture email addresses or require a login.

Head over to our Privacy Info to see additional detials.

2. What do I do if my letter doesn't have a link or a sticker club name?

If you arrived at our website looking for more info on sticker clubs in general, but didn't get a letter referencing a specific sticker club on stickerclub.info, and you want to track the spread of your sticker club mailings, all you have to do is create a new sticker club.

We'll give you a new letter template, or you can type up your own letter and just put our barcode on it.

3. Isn't this a pyamid scheme or ponzi scheme?

The sticker club is a chain letter, but in no way is it a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme.

In a pyramid scheme, the "top" of the pyramid always benefits from everyone below them. In the sticker club everyone gets the same number of stickers. By "moving" an address down on the list, your child is bumped off of the letter after it has gone 2 people deep. you will get a maximum of 36 pieces of mail (stickers).

A ponzi scheme (where a fund manager pays returns to previous investors using incoming deposits from new investors) doesn't even make sense in this case...that would imply that your child is sending out stickers using stickers they were receiving from other friends.

4. Why shouldn't I just throw the letter in the trash?

Have you discussed what your child wants to do? Everyone loves stickers.

Our son was very excited to participate in something where he would get some mail. We used the experience as a learning opportunity - we taught him about addresses, sending and receiving mail, and about how small actions (such as sending 6 letters) can have global impact around the world.

Remember you only have to send one pack of stickers, and 6 letters (which we pre-create!)